January 24-25

450 high school students hacking tomorrow's future.
a 30-hour hackathon for high school students
"Thank you for an amazing weekend! I learned so much and had a fantastic time."
- Anna Mitchell
"I've organized enough hackathons and I have to say that this was the most well organized one I've ever seen :) Congrats to the winners and I look forward to the next one!"
- Sadio Diallo
"Super pumped to have been at Hack Generation Y this weekend. 2015 will definitely be the year of the high school hackathon and I can't imagine a better event to usher it in. College hackers watch out, these high schoolers are incredible."
- Jeremy Rossmann

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Thank you to our fantastic sponsors for helping to make this event happen!

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Congratulations to our winners!

parse credit to winning team. $500 parse credit to every team that uses Parse.
$6000 in scholarships to Praxis for top 9 teams
Pebbles to the winning team
$20 in credit to every team
Parrot Mini-drones to winning team
1 Drone to winning team
Muse Headbands to winning team members
$200 prize for the team that spends the most amount of time coding as recorded in WakaTime.
Automatic advancement and no fees to a personal interview for the MIT Launch summer entrepreneurship program!
Tour & Lunch @ NYC Office when you're there
in cash to your team
Automatic Internships at 1-student-body
Free devices to top 40 hackers who use Leap Motion's API
$7500 to the team that moves forward Global Context’s mission the best!
a professionally-shot video, blog post, and $1,000 PubNub credit to the team with best use of PubNub

Misfit watch to every winning team member
$100 Namecheap credit to winning team


We are excited to surprise you with our amazing list of speakers and judges!

Shuly Galili
Co-Founder of UpWest Labs
Laurie Stach
Founder of MIT Launch
Manny Fernandez
Co-Founder & CEO DreamFunded.com, Angel Investor
Chris DiBona
Director of open source at Google
Xavier de Ryckel
Co-founder of Downtown
Amir Shevat
Startup Program Manager at Google
Jinal Dalal
Product Manager, Google.
Wayne Carter
Chief Architect of Mobile, Couchbase.
Stuart Friedman
CEO, Global Context
Offir Gutelzon
CEO & Co-Founder, Keepy
Devon Crews
Investments at Citrix.
3x Entrepreneur/Co-founder
LLS Woman of The Year candidate
Rousseau Kazi
Product Manager on Facebook's Search team
Wendell Brown
StartEngine, MITA Institute
Evan Doll
Co-founder of Flipboard
Michele Boal
Co-founder and Chief Philanthropy Officer of Coupons.com
Ryan J. Negri
Co-Founder & CEO, Laicos, Angel Investor
Nimit Jain
Product Strategy & Growth Projects @ Yahoo
Rachel Gonen
Co-founder of Curious Minds
Ran Mokady
VP of Product Design, Tango Me, Inc.
Tom Gruber
Co-founder, Siri


We will have shuttles operating to and from SFO on Saturday 9:30am and 10:30am, Sunday 8:00pm
Saturday, January 24th 2015

10am-11:30am – Participation Check-In and Breakfast
Participants make their way to the NestGSV offices in Redwood City, gearing up for the 30 crazy hours ahead! We will have shuttles departing from SFO. Participants will receive their badges and program brochure, and will enjoy an energizing breakfast.

11:30am-12:30pm – Hackathon Kickoff
Keynote speeches, API Demos, and a lot of fun.

12:30pm – Hacking Begins! May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!
Teams will begin working on their projects, and will have little interruptions in the next 24 hours. At specific points in time they will be requested to give feedback on their progress, requests for mentor assistance, and other inquiries through an online survey. Dozens of mentors will attend the event at some point in the 24 hours to assist the teams. These mentors are highly qualified engineers, designers and entrepreneurs that are well established in the industry; we recommend you utilize their presence at the event and learn as much as you can from them!

3pm-4pm – Lunch is served!
Enjoy some great lunch, which will give you energy throughout the next 30 hours!

7pm-8:30pm – Dinner is served!
Dinner will be served at key locations in the NestGSV venue in a buffet style. Teams may take food from the key locations and eat at their hacking space. Make sure to eat a lot, you’ll need the energy!

Sunday, January 25th 2015

12am – Midnight snacks!
Got a craving for something sweet? Something salty? We’ll have huge stocks of snacks for you to munch on!

3am – Surprise??? You’ll have to wait and see :)

6am – Progress Report #2
Teams are requested to fill out a short Google Form with their progress, mentor assistance, etc.

8am-9:30am – Breakfast is served!
The most important meal of the day. You have 9 hours of intensive coding left, don’t miss out on this free energy! You’ll need it!

1pm-3pm – Lunch is served!
The last meal before hacking stops. With 4 hours left to hack, we don’t want you to miss out on any minute. We’ll come around with baskets of food for you to choose from, so you don’t have to spend time going to the food locations!

4pm – Hacking Stops! Take your hands off the keyboards!
An alarm will sound, police will storm the building and anyone touching their computer will be sent to the dungeon. No but seriously…no cheating. Hands off!

4:30pm – Round 1 of Judging Begins!
Teams will be split into two groups, each with a distinguished panel of judges. Each team will have 2 minutes to present their awesome work in front of the judges. The panel will choose the top teams to advance to the final round with live demos! After the pitches, everyone will gather in the ground floor café where the finalists will be announced promptly. A member from each team of finalists needs to report to the organizer’s desk to answer several questions regarding the live demos.

6pm-8pm – Final Pitches Begin and Winners are Announced!
This is it, what we’re been working for! One by one, the top teams will take the stage and do a live demo of their work in front of our final panel of distinguished judges, which includes executives from Google and Facebook, VCs and CEOs of accomplished startups. Get ready for some fun!

Calling All High School Hackers

Create awesome products in less than 30 hours


Chris DiBona

Chris DiBona is the director of open source at Google.

David Weekly

David Weekly founded 5 companies, and is now Google Access PM.

Justin Brezhnev
Hacker Fund

Justin Brezhnev is the Executive Director of Hacker Fund.

Cassidy Williams

Software Engineer & Developer Evangelist


Michael Matias
Lead Organizer
Michael recently graduated from Walworth Barbour American International School. He is currently an intern at Google's Irrational Labs working under Professor Dan Ariely. "I've always been passionate about entrepreneurship, youth, education, teamwork and problem solving. How do we combine these? Let's build a Hackathon!"
- Michael.
Yonatan Oren
Lead Organizer
Yonatan is a senior at Gunn High School. He is very passionate about computer science and technology, and is an engineering intern on Flipboard's Data Science team. "I'm very passionate about computer science education. I think that every high schooler should give programming a try; we are very proud of the diverse and talented group of students we’ve been able to bring together to Hacking Generation Y."
- Yonatan.

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  • info@hackgeny.com
  • (650) 666-9025