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Frequently Asked Questions (Click here to see all)

What is Hackerupt?

Hackerupt is India’s first ever Hackathon exclusively for High School Students. We are bringing the most talented high school students to build exciting, new technology products. It is an intense, innovation competition. Hackerupt aims to cultivate a culture of creativity in India’s youth, encouraging entrepreneurial and innovative pursuits by providing a medium for India’s youth to showcase their ability.

What is a Hackathon?

Participants known as ‘Hackers’ work in teams collaboratively to ‘Hack’ on an idea. These ideas are transformed into innovative technology products including, but not limited to mobile apps, websites,and hardware. Basically, it’s people getting together and building something awesome.

Who can register?

All High School Students can participate. Also, if you just graduated from High School in 2015 you can participate.

Which platform must I use?

The participants are free to use any programming language that they're comfortable with and love to code in, however we do recommend them the use a robust cloud platform IBM Bluemix, and require them to register prior to the event, Here.

OMG, Hacking?

Hackathons and Hackers are terms of respect in the technology community. Hackers are respected for their ingenuity. Hackers should not be confused with Crackers, individuals who abuse technology for malicious purposes like stealing data, breaking into systems.

What’s in it for me?

Aside from getting to meet interesting,diverse people, networking with industry experts who will be your mentors and judges, building something cool, you get the chance to win cool prizes and of course the crown of winning “India’s first ever High School Hackathon” is up for grabs. You will get to be one of the founding members of India’s youth Hacking culture. Don’t miss out on this chance to be part of this legacy. Prizes include Pebble Smartwatches. A full list of prizes will shortly be put up.

Can I use any Programming Language?

Yes, Definitely! You can use any programming language or technology.

Do we sign up as individuals or as a team?

You have to sign up as individuals and you’ll be free to join forces with whoever you want. You can form teams prior to the event and you’ll also have time at the start to form teams. You can also chose to work alone, but usually the most successful Hacks happen in teams.

Can I bring a working product with me?

No! You are not allowed to bring a working code, design or anything else with you. You can bring with you only an Idea.

What if I don’t know how to develop?

If you come willing to learn and full of ideas there will be people eager to teach you what you need to know and put you to work. Of course we also looking for designers and entrepreneurs with great ideas.

How large can each team be?

Teams can be as large as 5 people

What must I bring with me on the day of the event?

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Krishma Singla

Strategy Consultant - Analytics,Watson & Experience


Bala Parthasarathy

Prime Venture Partners - Managing Partner, Serial Entrepreneur


Joy Mustafi

IBM - Senior Data Scientist


Avinaba Basu

IBM - Cloud Expert

The Schedule for the Day

Lets Begin!

  • 8:00 - 9:00 am Registration, Breakfast, induction with IBM Bluemix, setting up and forming teams if required.
  • 9:00 - 9:30 am Opening Ceremony

  • 9:30 Hacking Begins - May the odds ever be in your favour


  • 12:45 Lunch is Available

  • 5:30 PM Evening Snacks

  • 6:30 pm Hacking Stops - Hands off your keyboards!

  • 6:30-7:30 Judging

  • 7:30 - 8:00 Prizes and Closing Ceremony




A young entrepreneur and mentor to startups himself, savours helping those around him to achieve any goal. He is a senior pursuing the IB diploma at the International School Bangalore. An idolizer of Kobe Bryant and an avid MUNer, Sasankh never ceases to strive to better himself and those around him. Sasankh is a voracious reader, and loves everything tech and biz. His motto is “learning by doing”.



Reads the Fortune magazine religiously and loves to crack jokes, Jai is one person who will always keep you entertained with his wit and “pick up lines”. He is a senior pursuing the IB diploma at the International School Bangalore. He reads voraciously, loves to play poker and solve challenging math problems. His main vision with Hackerupt is to reduce the competitive nature in the youth of India and promote more collaborative learning where innovation can thrive.



Rineeth is currently a senior pursuing his IB diploma at the International School Bangalore. He believes that in a world where there are over six thousand languages spoken, the only one which unites citizens from all over is technology. Thus, he wishes to revolutionize the world we live in through technology, which is now a unanimous medium for communication. His primary motive with Hackerupt is to fuel innovation and entrepreneurship among the Indian youth.



He is Pursuing his IB Diploma at the International School Bangalore, and considers Elon Musk as his role model. According to him, the technology that we all revere today has capabilities beyond our imagination, and Hackerupt a platform for youngsters to delve deep into their minds and mould that technology into something worthwhile.